Sharks, Sheep & Sharp Teeth

by Numatik



「Numatik / Sharks, Sheep & Sharp Teeth」


1. a work of art of recognized and established value

"Sharks, Sheep & Sharp Teeth" is emcee Numatik's first official release with us at Roots of Society Records. You can expect 15 hip-hop / jazzy hip-hop / soulful tracks featuring some members of the ROS team, as well as some new faces from around.


released August 27, 2014

MC - Numatik
Mix / Mastered - Elyon, Helldogs Kris, DJ Xross
Special thanks to all of my guest features

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Track Name: After Hours Collage (prod. Siggie Qu)
[Verse 1]
I’m like Ripley’s believe it or not!
Next Level on the krispies, witness flava to cop
909’s on The Rock, Corvegas to Pops, claiming our spot
Even when it’s raining a lot…
That’s why we got rain jackets
With rubber soles to match it
A brother with soul, praying for the saving of souls
Painting a picture, with pain in my poems
Outstretched on the cross—both arms—saving us all!
I’m pained with the thought, am I really living for God?
If I’m not, I’ve got to reclaim the time that I’ve lost!
I’ve got to redeem the time that he’s bought
A need to pause and reflect; there’s more to life, than my paycheck…

[Hook ×2]
All I want to do is sit beside love
All I want to pray, would you fill my cup?
All I want to feel, what’s the deal, why the rush?
Got me craving for your touch, an after hours collage…

[Verse 2]
So many questions, little to no answers
Given direction, little to no passage
Armor on, belt fastened
Got a longer arm
I know that I’m no has-been…
I had been—living lesser, a new creation!
I got to face it; I’m a son, living in blessing!
And while it rain down, rocking with the same crowd!
I’ll never be the same!
Repping His name… Jesus

[Bridge ×2]
Yet I know—That I will go
And I will grow—where I go
I’m headed home, I’m headed for
The unknown… the unknown…

[Verse 3]
I always seem to find you, even when my eyes’ shut
Shot down, knocked down from the right bluff
Not now, leave town, now I fight tough
I was down and out, but now I’m Wild ‘N Out
I’ll Nick Cannon on him, keep standing on him
Crash landing, outstanding, forced landed on him
Now I’m back, and I’m never heading back
Never gonna’ backtrack, new track, let’s rap!
Loving what I’m doing, honestly I do, and…
Even if I have no clue when I’m due in
For now I’ll keep living, burning red hot, kinda’ like a stove top
Track Name: Dawn (prod. Helldogs Kris)
[Verse 1]
Fading… like the dawn, reaching out for chivalry
Shivering, they lacking passionate heat, I’m billowing
A bitter sweet, bit of a black sheep, while I stack these
Bars won’t hold me back from laughing, outlasting’
An eye to notice am I the one to hold it, a loaded round?
And I’d have noticed if reminisce wasn’t ‘slow-down’
I need more sounds to write to, most of the time it’s vital
I can’t imagine, gnashing my teeth, I want revival!
Money won’t hold me down, crease off of my brow
Please I’ve seen sin, won’t make it my lifestyle
Wild, sleepless nights, I’ll swap it with peace of mind
I’m chill… relaxed, my will… to last…
…I want to be someone who attracts, and’ gives back
The heart in it, I’m generous, living, I’ll give a tenth of it
…And like the dawn, I rise alike a vapor
I find that my life is only what He had paid for…
I took a trip to Canada, ay, I had to saddle up
Up river, without a paddle, immaculate
And’ I was given whatever that I would need
Honored to be, one of the eight men in the wedding party…
Quite a trip, foreshadow what I would get
I know that I’m only twenty, but plenty of people get hitched
I think I’m ready, the more that I vent lamenting
Instead of my single status, I’ll switch it to ‘in a relationship’

[Hook ×2]
Yo, no I never seen it quite like that
Nah, no I never seen it quite like that
I remember how in love they sat
Nah, I’ve never seen it quite like that

[Verse 2]
Fading… like the dawn, ‘matik on that realness
Still this, heart won’t relent, until it feels lit
Like the candle light at dinner, that would suffice
A minute within your presence, lost within’ your eyes…
I would run ragged, exploring, your world’s massive
I want to learn more about you, yes even your habits,
And’ then we’ll detour, talk about uncovering
Oh, all of your dreams, it seems I’m still wondering…
Numbering… Least to greatest, or better yet…
Let’s start with your first name, so we can be on that basis
Before New Years… Praying for insight please…
Getting’ to the bottom of this, oh, so come find me
Or if I find you first, that would be fine with me
Highlight her Father, so I can pursue timely
I promise you that I will never let you go
We finna rise together like dawn, and’ set aglow!

[Bridge ×2]
Just so you know, you’ve been pulling upon my heartstrings
I’ve been waiting… I can’t wait to say it…
“Will you be my love?” I can’t wait to say this…
Track Name: Lone Rangers (prod. Helldogs Kris)
[Verse 1]
Attended school, thought it was tune to be a college kid
Kicked out too soon, I had no scholarships
Short-lived, still I had problem with
“Am I Called?” Or was I an apologist?
Do I really have a short fuse?
Over something so little, like some do…
Some lose, others afraid of part two
I’m glad that I tried, even if I just fell through…
Slipped through the cracks, homie now I’m through with it,
Falling out of favor, I’m falling like Shel did
Well, well, where are you headed? Now do tell…
I’m headed to the highest, higher than Mac Mill
“You don’t got the answers Sway…”
And you don’t got ‘em, I don’t claim to be the answer ‘ye
See like the money that we make, we rise, and fall
We find, and fail, we climbing on (on)!

If you’re feeling what I’m saying, throw yo hands up!
Side-to-side, no more 9-to-5s…
I mean I know we all love getting’ paid
But a job, don’t replace my—fall by the wayside
If you’re feeling what I’m saying, throw yo hands up!
Side-to-side, no more prying eyes…
I mean I know we all love getting raises
So let me go‘n raise it—my Lone Rangers!

[Verse 2]
Raising the bar! Setting the stage…
Rise up, coming up like Lupe,
This is what I’m praying for, want to make music until I’m gray and old
Never gon’ throw in the towel, so call me Pacquiao!
A stocky-build, tryna’ knock me out…
But I’m backing out… I won’t make the same mistakes…
My own anthem… I made a bad choice,
Bad tracks, backed with nothing but white noise…
Faith in a figure, I lacked poise…
Instead of having balance, my equilibrium lacked joy
I won’t make the same mistakes…
That’s what I said prior…
But then I did it again, caught in the wind…
Numatiklife and I’ma stay at it, alike an addict
Put in hard work, and putting words into practice
Deed and action… Indeed an action’s…
What we’re missing, so bring it back your passions!
Track Name: Burrito Roller Fantasy ft. Juan Carlos Montemayor Jr. (prod. Helldogs Kris)
[Verse 1: Numatik]
Gloves on—time bomb!
Step up to the plate, I know you want some!
Got to keep moving, I’m a student
Improving with every movement, everything that I do is…
The same old, but I really love it
What can we get started with? Rice bowl or taco kit?
A burrito? Rolling some quesaritos!
Even at peak, scooping the rice, moving to beans
Hook up the meat; suddenly I’m rolling with ease…
Have you ever seen, a brother with skills that top trees?
Who really knows, what all of it might do?
In rolling some good burritos, serving customers food
Working lifted my view, rarely ever confused
Building character now, recording music for Roots
Over musical loops, a similar to…
My brother, I love him, hunger is more than a new suit!

[Hook: Juan Carlos Montemayor Jr.]
My hard work is my faith in action
I live to please the Lord; he’s my heart’s satisfaction
Co-laboring with heaven and men, to see his kingdom expand
Let’s abide, and hustle, and receive our land!
My hard work is my faith in action
I live to please the Lord; he’s my heart’s satisfaction
We never strive; we just rest and say we’re blessed
It’s our joy to serve, no matter how I’m dressed or the behest!

[Verse 2: Numatik]
I think to myself, how long will I stay?
I really love it, financial security sort of lacking…
Looking for more, not only for me, stacking my cheese
Looking for yours, whatever it be, shower on me
Never to cease, utilities can’t believe
We passing our peak, shooting up, higher than evergreens!
Growth like Rogaine, a spirit of Cobain
Stay out of profane, I’ma keep on top of my game!
Can you smell it? A new aroma, enter a new culture
I’m feeling fine, even Chipotle working me over…
Give me a minute, overextended; I’m needing your presence
More than just a casual attendance…
I need attention, and did I mention?
Pretending you really care is worse, than if you’d lend me your ear…
Off of work, driving down Scholls—
Half and hour, or maybe an hour more…
Past North Dakota, onto Conestoga…
I know I’ll make it home, call me ‘Burrito Roller!’
And I’ll be back, tomorrow, or even sooner!
If I work a split that is, sending my crew love!
Can you feel it? I’m shouting at the top of my lungs!
Only on my fourth week, but I foresee
A force that fly higher than a Frisbee—
Boy I’m feeling lucky, I’ll see all of y’all next week!
Track Name: Fool's Game ft. Shinobu, Solo (prod. Kkaytoh)
[Verse 1: Numatik]
There’s sharks and sheep, there’s sharpened teeth
There’s lies, we’re weak, we’ve lied to keep our head above!
All the pain and the hurt, in event, we give up
I won’t pretend I’m in love, when really I’m not
Still a little bit hurt from choosing to rush
I wish I could’ve sat still, until it begun…
Got to play my cards right…
Pay my dues; I could save whatever I like…
I can take that long route, better yet, I’ma take the high road
Leave it up to fate or pay for nylons…
It would make the night long…

[Hook: Shinobu]
I pour out my heart every time, to get thrown back, thrown back
All it is, a game of love you and I are playing—
I don’t want any games; I want something lasting and true…
But in this day and age, too much to ask out of any of you…

[Verse 2: Shinobu]
We can make the night long, but when the day’s gone
What’s left? Nothing but memories of us, all stress
Feeling like a mess, distressed in the waves that are crashing down!
Dead and gone, just a remnant of a flame
Wait… Can things ever be the same?
All I got is pieces of a broken heart
Gave you the biggest piece and you tore it apart!
I need to rebuild, not tryna’ restart…
I was the sheep and you were the shark
Dark tides like I never swam before…
Should have gone back to shore…
But I still want more… do I still want more?
Leave me be, I got to let you go!
It was all a show, now I’m out the door!

[Verse 3: Solo]
(You already know what it is… you already know…)
She said you a long way from home—I said I know that I am
In a land where they post at the ocean to tan
‘fore we spoke I approached her with lotion in hand
Moving close to the sand, got a ass, make a little nigga, grow to a man
Little mama smoke weed so I’m rolling a gram
For my cup to the top is a toast to the fam—
And I won’t stop rhyming, till everybody know I’m on top like ramen
And it’s ironic, how I’m living in the moment, but I’m trying to be timeless
Trying to break through like linemen, I’ma stay true, I promise
Often, follow my conscience, I’ma make due with the shit that I got
And I give no thoughts to niggas who talk nonsense…
Track Name: The Famous ft. sammyK (prod. Mixla Productions, Shintek Beats)
[Verse 1: Numatik]
Riddle me this, riddle me that
Similar view, counting my stars, till I collapse
I count bars, not of a prison cell
Well, well, have you ever seen a Killer Whale?
Yeah, have you ever seen a lifted veil?
I’ma show off what He shown me, till He shows up!
And when He come, I’ma tell of what He done
I’ma speak of one Son, who among us run
I’ma be your King Kong, till the kingdom come!
When it do, I’ma choose, to sing verse and song
I’ma—Portland native, and I’ma run strong!
I’ma rubber band boy, with a heart of gold rum!
Pa ra pa pum pum, I’ma bang my drum
Give the finest gift, fit for a King so young…
And when you come back, we’ll be smiling
Haven’t seen you run so fast in a while and…

Goodbye to my old style thinking (ayo)
Speeding past, hostility on my way up
I don’t care ‘bout the money
Or them five-star lobbies
Gravity can’t hold me down—
Say hi, to a newfound image (ayo)
Keep intact, for the last act, turned the tables
I don’t care for a life full o’ stress
Like a knife to the chest
I won’t—back down—

[Verse 2: sammyK]
It feels like banging her head up against a wall
It's war, and the battle goes on, it won't resolve
She knows, following orders she can't ignore
Buying time to heal the wounds too late to prevent the scars
Have to tell herself daily that she's okay
Nobody seeing the bruises underneath, try to take the blame
Using all excuses, reduces confusion
Avoids the conclusion keeps the pain from intrusion
And by and by the life abuses made from what she chooses
Loses meaning and the music playing doesn't seem so useless
Her energy is spent up, so sick of being stuck
In what's become her own hell of a life
She's come to succumb, she's done
No more lying to the mind, gonna’ respect herself tonight
Gravity can't hold her down
With pride, she turns to walk out the door, her time to shine
Her life, not his, but his, it is, her life, to live!

[Verse 3: Numatik]
In everything that I do, from everything that I think, and say
In every picture played, and mulled over, soon to pull over
Catch me on my greezy, even pull orders!
Boy, I’m doing the best that I can, a mess of a man
A soft wind caressing your skin! Blessing the fam!
Find me holding onto peers, until He appears!
Never to let go, my grip on the pistol, my wrist slows…
Cupid got me in a chokehold, or is it God with the bow and arrow?
I’ma walk down the straight and narrow…
‘til I find what I’m looking for—
Took my white towel, thrown it down for now…
If you do you, and I do me, if I do truth
And you choose me, we will most likely…
Stack pedigree, better than this—
I pave a road for us to follow, with a flick of a wrist!
Track Name: Some Time Past ft. Robin Kim (prod. PredatorPr!me)
[Hook ×2: Numatik]
Sometime in the past I was out cold
I was out of line, and you about yours
For some time past, while these lines last
We’ll be speaking for the ones who can’t, uh yeah…

[Verse 1: Robin Kim]
They're sayin', "life is what you make it"
So I'm buildin' dreams into reality
And a daily fight for love is basic:
Foundation. See, I'm on that 1 Thess 5
Humility & Gratitude - So drop that worthless pride
And more than destination, they say it's all about the journey
But lately, instead of giving, people talk about their earnings
So now I got a question…
What's the real purpose of the journey if you're headed in the wrong direction?
Tell me who you are, where you goin’, how you gettin' there?
How do you live a righteous life with evil everywhere?
Temptations peak at maximum
Thinking I won't get heard unless my record reaches platinum
So I stay silent like I don't have a voice
Walkin' the same line it's like I don't have a choice
They're saying this, they're saying that
But I found freedom in His Kingdom and they will never take it back!

[Verse 2: Numatik]
Yeah, they say, “diamonds are forever”
A type of wealth measured from size upon the finger
I could try to figure, what would take nearly forever
If a diamond’s what you’re looking for, mine’s coming at its leisure
What if I told you, everything I have is yours?
From Louis V. to Gucci—rutabaga to Prince
What if I showed you, everything I’ve got in store?
Can you imagine the glory? A moving castle ascends
Now take it back to the people
Back to the we, no me or I culture
Building up the body, nobody gets on they soapbox
I suppose that these broke locks will just fall off…
Truth is, that I would like to play with fire
Dousing the head, ain’t no match for Heidi Baker
I could try to conjure what I had before my wake
Now I’m lying here awake, trying to figure out my own pace…
Sometime in the past, I was out cold… For some time past…
Track Name: Soothe (prod. PredatorPr!me)
[Verse 1]
Uh… I’m sowing love…
Call me old school, fool so in love
Said, ‘anything could happen’, with a soul to love
Got my eyes on one, she a ten to us
So amazing, she more than a ten, she loved…
Enough, why you thinking’ supper?
I was thinking of her!
I want to treat her right; I want to be her lover…
I want to be the one to hold her, getting to know her
Oh, I could find any girl, but none bolder
Hold up, looking for love, over my shoulder
Oh, you may think that Nu be talking about a list
Not a couple of chicks but my boo, one who…
I’d be loving right, with love as a sign, over mind
Never mind the media, saying that ‘love’ is overnight
Sacrificial—living for the people
Living for my beautiful queen, instead of myself!

I’ve been waitin’ on you—
I wonder if you’re falling’ down?
I fell for you, girl you soothe…
Got me calling out!
Been waitin’ on you—
I wonder if you’re falling…
Down, down, down
Down, down, down

[Verse 2]
I got a hope that will last for a lifetime!
Got to live it up (up, up) I got to give it up!
I’m a soldier enlisted for life; see my wrist while it write
In motion for the wife, the right words, I combine
I kissed dating goodbye—now I’m waiting for you
I got a lot to learn, how to cater to you
I want to be your one and only, whenever you call
I want to be the one to slowly, lead you to fall
In love, deeper than you ever will
Vision ever clear, how wonderful when the feeling’s real…
Ain’t it true, ain’t it? Ain’t it true?
Shot an arrow to your heart, and I’m aiming—for you!
Track Name: Can't You See (prod. Numatik)
[Verse 1]
Wait up! Where are you headed?
I want lead you, guide you to beautiful blessings
Here in a sense, I’ma fined you, given the passage
Here I’ma find why I try to, give you a lesson
Of inner cycles, searching for revival
See you got to fall, to get back up and get higher
Than before, much higher than the start…
Parts, pieces of a puzzle taking shape in your arms!
—Our past much clearer than before…
Soaring over closed doors, found fatal on the floor!
If you say to me, I’m gone; I’ll wait for your return
I’ll stay right by your side, supporting your daily grind!
Say, moments never last forever…
But when they do, I’ll choose to live life in the promise of opportune!
I promise you that I’ll move! So follow until I do!
I’ll love you until beginning meets the wind…you…

[Hook ×2]
There’s a name for the wind…
Hope came for the saints!
And there’s a pain in offense…
Lay it down, at the feet of the Prince!

[Verse 2]
Wait up! I know where you’re going!
I’m overloaded with a sudden sense of grief, outside of courage
And I imagine in motion with my emotions, a motion for my importance!
Significant to my shortages—
I’m searching for more than thwarted! Talking about conquered!
Walking around port and starboard…
Bombarded the fainthearted!
Barbossa, a supernova, ferocious with every order!
Captain of the fleet, the Pacific had its Philosophy
Muse had to move out to state, my apologies…
If I ever come through, you know what we gon’ do!
Chop it up, break it down, listen to old tunes…
—I remember Keo, I remember Hercules knew a lot of people!
Yo, I’ll never forget, I’ll remember Goodwill, House Ki, and Phil...
Track Name: Ricolas & Raindrops ft. Juan Carlos Montemayor Jr. (prod. Numatik)
[Verse 1: Numatik]
A look past the hourglass, eternity within my grasp
Even while I fall onto my back, I want to be forever known!
Forever quality! A Koala with my own brand of Eucalyptus leaves
Tides moving so fast, no time to share laughs
Wave after wave, I’ma wave to the last smack
I’ve been given more than I can bear!
More than I can lift onto my back, can you help me carry that?
My legs about to buckle, my heart feeling hollow
Drinking till I fall out, water in my bottles
This is how I cope, better run, grab your coat!
Keep the hustle up; I’ma be your number one!
I rage at the thought of, never falling in love…
Never finding the one, to confide in…
Am I in over my head? Only time will tell…
For now I jot it down, I know in time I’ll heal—

I could try to be me, I could try to believe
I could try to be your guy (your guy)
Whether I know where to be, or if I’m lost in the beat
I could try to read your mind (your mind)
Whether I know where you are, I’ll be forming my art
I’ll be the one on your side; I’ll be the one on your side
I’ll be the one on your side—

[Verse 2: Juan Carlos Montemayor Jr.]
My God, I don’t want a temporary fix
This pain is too real to just nix; it needs a crucifix
Where’s my faith? Father increase my measure
You know my heart and it’s treasure
You are my eternal pleasure!
Father, you have all of me, as I stand before you
Show me my value; rescue my mind, with your point of view
These raindrop lies argue, as breakthrough heals my tissue
But the truth is, I’m in you, reveal my interview
I’m hurting, and there’s nothing I can do but face the fear!
I could keep my love and honor on as I persevere!
Hope deferred made this heart sick! But your promise…
Of perfect love was extracted from no ordinary clique!
I’m choosing life, and I will never harden my heart!
I’m a real man, spirit-led, love is my art, dad, you said to ask
And I need love, for a congenial wife only comes from above!

[Bridge x2]
Pop Ricolas, pull up in my roller
Working for a paycheck, pay for all my products
See if you can follow where He leads, I’m His soldier
Starting with my left foot, my right is in a coma…

[Verse 3: Numatik]
Yo, I’ma give it to you straight—
Everything I am, all glory to the King!
Towering on high, powerful, most high
Even all of my words can’t capture Him, not quite…
And what’s glory without one to receive?
I belong in the seams, safe from dishonoring kings…
Pray, I devour the beast, and anybody who thinks—
I got to get mine, covet my dreams!
I don’t want to be a loser! And at the same time…
I don’t want to kill, and steal for me to move up!
I want to feel, instill a heart like Kunga
Given that I might, find light in what I do now
So I’m packing in my worth, find passion in my work
More breath behind my words, till I’m laughing out my shirt
I’ma rap without my curse…
Rap without my hurt, till I’m wrapping up my verses!
Track Name: Forevermore ft. Theophanous (prod. Kkaytoh)
[Verse 1: Numatik]
I was one step away from leaving your face…
Walking away with a violent degrade—
Vile in a way, smiling away, I was down in the dumps
Pile up the pain; I could smile in a way, to go show you off!
It didn’t matter how I’d feel in the morning…
Shortly, I would get loud, lifting both hands, I would get down!
Never coming down, from the lift, I’m proud…
To be where he found me, quick lick of power!
I can feel it in my spirit; I’m a new man now!
Yeah! I’m a new man now! Got me reaching for my reservoir…
Of this I’m very sure, yours… forevermore! Forevermore!

[Pre-Chorus ×3]
Can you hear it? A soft wind blowing!
I’ma stand for the truth, I’ma own it!
Even when I feel weak, I’ma turn it…
Into something real, gon’ fire up the motor!

[Hook ×4: Juan Carlos Montemayor Jr.]
I will always love—you

[Verse 2: Numatik]
Bring it back, back to basics
All I want to do is finish my sentences
I want to be more, return my messages
I know I got it, if I’d choose to trust in Him!
Can’t shake it, got to break these replicas!
I know it’s started, got to trust my references!
God imparted in me wisdom!
I’ma stand out! Even when it all goes wrong!
But it when it flow right, and I’m standing there
Staring at the world, all I see is hurt in there…
I’ma shatter the curse, with verse after verse!
I’ma get to the top, hip-hop for sure!
With talk of good word, don’t stop the verbs!
Given this, I’ma lift all the broken pieces…
And I’ma give ‘em out to freedom! I’ma lift ‘em up to Jesus!
Track Name: Wait On Me (prod. GarageBand Loops)
[Verse 1]
I’ve seen the rain…
Have you seen the view?
I’ve seen you wait on me, too long…
I’ve seen the stars, covering you…
I’ve seen you wait on me; I’m waiting for you

So cover the sky!
Discover, and bloom!
Oh, you are beautiful… I’m moving close to you…

And how can it be?
That your heart belongs to me…
That my heart is beating to the sea (it’s beating!)
And how do we know?
That sobering mood we share…
Will never recede, never deplete, I believe…

[Verse 2]
With every word, for better or worse…
I’ve seen you wait on me; you wait on me, too long!
With all of my heart, with all of my strength
I’ve seen you wait on me; you wait on me, too long!

[Verse 3]
Add a little bit of this, with a little that
A little loss, with a big attack!
Feeling so limited, as a little man
Boy, to riddle with what he can…
See, I’m grown now, well I try to be!
I’m his lineman, for them finer things
See I bend, but I’ll never break!
You can shove, but I’ll never cave!
You can push—I’ma push on!
You could be the one, or a vulture
I’m a spring, finding new hope for…
Brighter things, so I’m looking forward to…
All he has for me! Going mobile!
Never turning back! I will answer!
Where you call me, I’ll follow after!
As an emcee or a pastor…
Track Name: Unfolded Maps ft. DJ Xross (prod. DJ Xross)
[Verse 1: Numatik]
I know where I’m headed, met in the right direction
Only moving me forward, following my obsessions
Resting, never again gone in distraction
Fact is, I’ve learned my lesson, and now I’ve mapped it
…I’ma a trail blazer, out of Portland
Not the sport, devotion is so important
Soaking, up every bit of love, then give it out!
Woken, up from my slumber, and now I live it out!
Have you seen it? Made a video…
Yo, Nicole it started when you would get involved
Who knew that I would be so blessed, within my musical?
So, atypical…
See I’m on that new, news, making tunes,
I defend my dreams, he keep making moves…
Connecting… connections, divine interventions…
Lead me to the Xross, while he carry me back in…

[Hook ×2: DJ Xross]
Time and time again…
I get lost, in thought…
Bring it back to a time we love, I said…
Time and time again…
There’s a time and a place for that…
(Unfolded maps…)

[Verse 2: Numatik]
Unfolded, now I know where to go when…
Everybody else is lost in oneself
Everybody’s selfish, God help me to kill this
How I want to live my life, protect the helpless…
…I want to serve others, what I’d give to see a smile like that… (like that)
…I want to be in love with, agape loving, sacrificial above fists…
Not fighting for lack of, try me I’ll to be a phantom
Even in the background, memorandum…
I know that he’ll know I use it…
Repping’ Christ, I’ll be a light, within the movement…
See I made a lot of friends, never leaving them, we’ll stick out till the end… (end)
See I’ve made a lot of friends, open up the maps, our goals, we won’t relent!

You see it go like…
You see it go like… (com’on)
You see it go like this, it go like that
You don’t want to be missed out of that pack… (nuh uh)
Uh, so bring it on back, yeah so bring it on back (×2)
Track Name: Hero Tales ft. Hazey82 (prod. DJ Hazey 82)
[Verse 1: Hazey82]
Many days of hard work, putting in the overtime
Not complaining though I got the drive like a chauffeur, I'm
A student with an open mind, the world is my teacher
Collected I reflect it through the words in your speakers
He's a dreamer some might say, never a reality
I'm eager I might say, with effort it's about to be
Build a foundation like a mason or the ground for trees
Travel like the breeze with ease, as it swirls around the leaves
Give a pound for peace, homies I call out
They influenced me down the path that I walk now
I fought proud, standing my ground for my ethics
Questioning the message anytime beliefs were tested
Learning life lessons, many the hard way
Some enemies wait ‘til you got all of your cards played
Watch a star fade from the sky and hope it's luck
Set the pace on your ride through life, the road is rough…

[Hook ×2]
Find concentration; mind, soul, and spirit
I’ma try to elevate, do you mind, or you fear if…
I’m—never to land, never settle for less
Never to stand on the pieces that are broken to bless

[Verse 2: Numatik]
Take care Mr. Present—
And are you ever really there is my question?
Ehem, should I show you all the benefits
Of being in the middle of a dire situation?
Hoping for less, ain’t part the program
Either raise the bar, or lay with dead men…
I want the journey with a victory to end…
I’m a stickler with a pen, off the tip of it again
United we stand, riding the wind
And where it go, I will follow
Where it stays, I will stay, where he lay
I will promise to put a rock down
While I dream, see the shadow of heaven that touch down
Heaven to earth, I’m blessing with words
Leading his herd, I’m a shepherd in other words
Who study the Word, I will never stop, I will be the one to elevate!
Meditate on His words—haven’t even scratched the surface!